Monday, January 18, 2010

The boxed cake mix gets a makeover.

I am very crazed about a certain recipe right now. It's very badly named "cake balls". I first made them for a dinner with family and they just went on and on about how good they were. This was even after my mother said, "cake balls?", "uh, with a boxed cake mix?" when I told her what I had decided to make! I have to admit, I was surprised myself. But let me assure you, this really dresses up the boxed cake mix. I don't even like boxed cake mixes! It's considered unacceptable to make them on a regular bases in my circle. Folks look down their noses at one who habitually arrives at events with a cake from a box. My first time making them I used lemon cake and lemon frosting and I could not believe how good they were. I even served them in my pedestal crystal dish. They were worthy. The oohs and ahs of my guests told me so. They reminded my so much of truffles, especially when served chilled. The next time I made them I used strawberry inside, it was not near as good, to me that particular flavor just tasted too artificial. There are so many variations that you can do with this, the possibilities are endless. Next, I'm using chocolate for the inside with a lot on orange zest, I love that combination. I want to try raspberry with chocolate outside too. Here is the link to the recipe on Tasty Kitchen: CAKE BALLS > I think cake truffles is a much better term, even truffle cakes? Cake Balls just makes my fingernails curl under. I also think it makes a great edible gift. Start collecting tins and hitting those cake mix and commercial frosting sales. yeah! I just got some for $.99 for the cake mix and $1.50 for frosting. I also think they would make an excellent favor at a wedding. Can't you just see them lined up on a crystal dish with a doily underneath?

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