Thursday, January 21, 2010

Copycat recipes might save you money.

Ever go to a restaurant for a specific dish or flavor? Or maybe you would just like to save some money by making your own condiments? A favorite of ours is Chili's salsa. My family of six will sit down and consume three or four mounds of chips and eight to ten cups of salsa. I have some big, growing boys. I'm sure we are their favorite customers. It's not exactly down the street though, nor is taking a family of six out to eat something we can do very often. Oh, but those flavors! I just get a hankering for them sometimes. The other day I got curious if someone had come up with a recipe to match theirs. wow. Is it a keeper!! I've also discovered sauce similar to Taco Bell's, you know those little packets? You can buy a bottle in the store too. After finding that recipe I turned around and modified it to use part of large, 99 cent can of tomato juice. So add some spices and you have twice the amount for way less than half the price. I just hate to nickel and dime my budget away with commercialized products. And many of them have ingredients that aren't good for you. I read that a certain brand of hot wing sauce has soybean oil in it as a main ingredient and butter FLAVOR in it. I started thinking I didn't want to eat it after that. I have found that there are quite a few sites dedicated to just copycat recipes. So I'm going to start putting together another link list of just copycat sites that might interest you. Watch for that in the margin. Here's CHILI'S SALSA COPYCAT RECIPE. For your health as well as your budget, consider making your favorite flavors from home. I think I'll start with the top ranking sites- there's only 19,700,000 results for "copycat recipes". I just don't know why this didn't occur to me before. Excuse me, I'll be testing the A1 steaksauce recipe I just found on Kitchen, Crafts & More soon. And then there's Famous Dave's Smoked Salmon Spread......gonna be busy.

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